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The Reichsversammlung held a record-breaking session in which they passed nine bills into law, and in which the Ministry of Justice won a legislative victory with the Ministry of Justice (Enumerated Powers) Act
The Alexandi First Minister, Alexander von Hapsburg, endorsed by the Grand Duke of Alexander Max I, is slated to win re-election in his own right according to a new poll released today by the Abeldane Telegraph, showing him taking 75% of respondents.
Former ASE Vorsitzender tells the Abeldane Telegraph that she would consider running to be elected to her original post
The United Rhinoceros Party and the National Federalist Party have withdrawn endorsement for their respective candidates in the Alexander executive election
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Quorum of Delegates meetings will take place once a month under new plans
The Kingdom of Elsanor may be history by June next year (external link)
MPs have been entering, exiting, and re-entering the Reichsversammlung with reckless abandon recently; who’s in and who’s out?
The Abeldane Telegraph sat down with First Minister and First Minister-candidate of Alexander, Alexander von Hapsburg
“Quality jorunalism” - Tarik Karjasari
The Essian Commonwealth’s general election has come to a close with Tarik Karjasari leading the Democratic Party to victory, carrying four of the available eight seats and forming a national unity government with Artemis Langford’s Green Party