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Michael Thomas Brazeau ejected from

Reichsversammlung following party dispute

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent Former National Federalist Deputy Leader and former Vorsitzender Michael Thomas Brazeau was ejected from his parliamentary position today as tensions between him and Vorsitzender Thomas Merrell were ratcheted up. Mr. Brazeau reportedly referred to Mr. Merrell as a “Judas” and “a wimp who has no gut” in response to a heated discussion of his announcement that he would be running for election as Vorsitzender in April 2018, which concluded with Mr. Brazeau - who has been, up to this point, a member of the Reichsversammlung for the National Federalist Party, a party on the government side of the aisle - announcing he would “vote with the opposition”, refusing to continue to guarantee his support to the Merrell administration or the NFP, calling the administration “the worst in Abelden history” (he had previously referred to the administration as being “as close as we will get” to his “MAGA agenda”, MAGA being an acronym he uses for “Make Abelden Great Again”). The administration has been officially incumbent for three days as of press time. He also threatened to file “articles of impeachment” against the Vorsitzender if he were removed from the Reichsversammlung. In response to Brazeau’s announcement he would affiliate with the opposition in the legislature, NFP leader and Foreign Minister Alejandro Whyatt announced on his party’s behalf that Brazeau would be “formally suspended from the parliamentary body”. He has been replaced by Alexander von Hapsburg, independent candidate for the First Ministership of the state of Alexander and former MP, who was removed earlier this month after attempting to defect to the NFP from the Abeldane National Independence Party. It is unclear how this affects Mr. Brazeau’s reported plans to run for Vorsitzender in April, or whether his party membership is in jeopardy. So far, no candidates have been officially declared for the April race, though former Vorsitzender Artemis Langford is reportedly interested in running, as is current Attorney-General Horatio Eden. Vorsitzender Merrell has confirmed he will not be seeking re-election. Abeldane electoral law states that it is parties, rather than individual candidates, that are elected to seats in the Abeldane parliament, the Reichsversammlung. This law was strengthened by the issuance of an imperial decree, giving parliamentary parties the right to replace their members should they defect from their party or otherwise cease to represent their party, a power that was exercised by the Abeldane National Independence Party leadership when Alexander von Hapsburg resigned the ANIP earlier this month. This power was also exercised in withdrawing Mr. Brazeau from the Reichsversammlung. Mr. Whyatt has stated he will give a full statement to the Abeldane Telegraph tomorrow.

28th December, 2017

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