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Coria to join the Abeldane Empire as newest

federal state

By Horatio Eden, international affairs editor Areas of the micronation of Coria, led by MP Nikola Jovanović, are to be ceded to the Abeldane Empire, with Mr. Jovanović to head the new federal state as its monarch. The capital city, also named Coria, and the Corian territory of Astaronia are being granted to Abelden following an agreement between Emperor Stephen I and Coria’s government. According to Mr. Jovanović, there are seven citizens in the areas of Coria being ceded, meaning once the state joins the Empire, as the Emperor has confirmed he will assent to tomorrow, it will be the fifth biggest in the Empire, grappling for position with the state in fourth place, the Grand Duchy of Alexander. The cessation of the territory will increase the Abeldane population from 88 to 95, according to figures given to us by the imperial government. In a statement to the Abeldane Telegraph, soon-to-be-Abeldane federal monarch Mr. Jovanović said he “wanted to return into micronationalism and revive Coria, but this time I couldn't go with independent state because lack of people interested in it.” The solution to this quandary, in his eyes, was federalising with Abelden; “one of my options were to join Abelden, since I am a big friend with the Emperor.” The state will join the Empire formally on the 31st of December, 2017, following the issuance of an imperial decree that the Emperor has, according to sources within the Reichsregierungskabinett - the Abeldane executive branch - promised to give.

31st December, 2017

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