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Decembergate: Election fraudster

apprehended, exiled from Abelden

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent The perpetrator of the fraud that took place last election cycle has been found and brought to justice, according to a statement from the Emperor earlier today. In the statement, Emperor Stephen I named the culprit as Alenshka resident Anabel Dominica Fernandez, alleging that she had “impersonated fellow citizens to vote more than once (eight times, precisely) during the election, using electoral numbers assigned to the state”. The statement also announced that the suspect had confessed following questioning, and that she had intended the election fraud as a “joke”, not intending to actually sway the results of the election. Reichswahlkomm data suggests that the election result would not have changed if Ms. Fernandez had not committed this crime. The suspect has been extrajudicially removed from the state without formal charge or trial following her confession by the AIA under prerogative of the Emperor, according to the statement. The election originally handed the Vorsitzendership to ASE candidate Newton von Uberquie, though the re-run ordered by the Reichswahlkommission and necessitated by Ms. Fernandez’ move gave victory to the United Rhinoceros candidate Thomas Merrell, who now serves as Vorsitzender of Abelden. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that other charges have been laid under seal as a result of the events of the last election, but the details of the charges have not been stated publicly, and are to be released at a later time. They have confirmed that the charges in question relate to matters separate from Decembergate. More on Decembergate: What exactly is Decembergate? Attorney General confirms charges relating to December election are being held “under seal”

29th December, 2017

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