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Horatio Eden named Minister-President of

the Landtag of Satirno

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Satirner correspondent Abeldane Attorney General Horatio Eden has been named Minister-General by the Landtag of Satirno, the state legislature of the Landgraviate of Satirno. The Landgraviate, ruled by Landgrave James Frisch who serves as head of state, named Eden a Grave, a member of the Satirner nobility, granting him access to the Satirner legislature. As the only member thereof other than the Landgrave himself, Eden was unanimously acclamated as Minister-President, the head of the Satirner government. So far the new Satirner government has passed legislation establishing the city of Brandburg, of which Eden was Duke until the city’s disestablishment sometime in 2017. The charter of Brandburg gives Eden, as Duke, unilateral power over traffic law, signage, local election law to the municipal council, and other municipal affairs. There are no direct elections to either the Landtag or the Minister-Presidency; all officeholders in the Landgraviate of Satirno hold office at the appointment of the Landgrave, and neither he nor the new Minister-President have announced plans to bring the democratic franchise to Satirno in the near future. So far, no city-level legislation has been passed in Brandburg, and the Satirner Landtag remains in recess.

28th December, 2017

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