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Interview: Edward Daniels, Imperial Press

Secretary and First Minister candidate

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Alexander correspondent The Alexander First Minister election is fast approaching, and two candidates have declared themselves: incumbent First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg, and insurgent candidate Edward Daniels. For this interview, we spoke with candidate and Imperial Press Secretary Edward Daniels. AT: My first question, really, is what you plan to do with the position? Right now it's largely a blank slate, what do you envision happening under an Edwards state government? Mr. Daniels: I plan on fulfilling my promise of drafting a state constitution. I believe it will further develop our states community and participation. AT: Have you given any thought to what that state constitution would look like? Daniels: It would outline our states symbols, electoral processes and authorities of the First Minister and Monarch. AT: Mentioning the subject of authorities, what powers do you think would be given to the First Minister in Alexander, a state where the monarch currently holds overarching power? Daniels: The First Minister would hold executive powers. They would be able to amend new laws to our constitution and help with further development of the state.   AT: Moving on from that point, what makes you feel you are more qualified to serve as First Minister than your opponent? Daniels: I feel more qualified as First Minister because I am responsible for drafting and sharing a sample of my proposed constitution. I just want to help the further progress of our great state. AT: Prior to your position as MP for Alexander and Imperial Press Secretary, have you held elected office in the Abeldane Empire before? Daniels: No, I haven’t. AT: Moving on, the Grand Duke of Alexander refused to endorse you earlier tonight, calling you "arrogant" - what do you think he's referring to? Daniels: The Grand Duke was referring to my statement that I made. I claimed that I was responsible for this whole election in the first place. I have evidence to back up my claim. Mr. Daniels then submitted the following image. AT: What position do you take on the Grand Duke's decree regarding the banning of political parties in Alexander? Daniels: I believe the Grand Duke was trying to eliminate party rivalry in Alexander. He did the right thing banning political parties. AT: Speaking of the Grand Duke, given the opinion he has expressed of you, do you feel you would be able to work together with him were you to be elected? Daniels: I feel I would work perfectly with the Grand Duke, but I'm afraid he doesn't think I would work good with him. He has closer ties with von Hapsburg then with me.  AT: In closing, I'll ask you the same question I asked Mr. von Hapsburg at the conclusion of his interview, which is this: If you had only one sentence with which to attempt to convince the Alexandrian people to vote for you, what would that sentence be? Daniels: People of Alexander, put aside your differences and join hands together to forge a better and stronger Alexander. The election will take place on the 7th of January, 2018. All Alexandrian citizens are eligible to vote. We also carried out an interview with First Minister and candidate Alex von Hapsburg, viewable here.

29th December, 2017

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