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Federated Union of Micronations established,

promises to bring “peace” to community

By Horatio Eden, international affairs editor The Federated Union of Micronations was established yesterday by the Commonwealth of Danatia, the Kingdom of Befshire and the Principality of Andany. President Lee of Danatia was appointed Vice President of the organisation, and Danatia was appointed as a permanent member of the UN Security Council-esque body known as the Senior Council according to the Danatian Post. Little has been publicly said about the organisation; it has not released its charter nor a formal statement of intent, though the website does indicate its plan is to “help resolve conflict and create peace with micronations throughout the world”. The FUM is already taking applications for new members, and President Lee announced his hope that the organisation would have five members by January. The FUM is likely to be hampered by allegations that it makes no change to the usual “United Micronations” formula of UN-style peacekeeping organisations, that has been repeated no fewer than nine times (external link) without success. The first session of the FUM quorum has taken place over Discord, according to FUM sources. (Editor’s note: the thumbnail for this article was genuinely the best one we could find for the Federated Union of Micronations. Sorry.)

29th December, 2017

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