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Interview: First Minister of Alexander,

Alexander von Hapsburg

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Alexander correspondent The Alexander First Minister election is fast approaching, and two candidates have declared themselves: incumbent First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg, and insurgent candidate Edward Daniels. For this interview, we sat down with the First Minister to find out his plans for the future of his state. AT: My first question, really, is what you plan to do with the position? Right now it's largely a blank slate, what do you envision happening under a von Hapsburg state government? The First Minister: I would actually like to see the state transformed from a little absolute monarchy into a greater more democratic state. I would also like to carve out Alexander a greater name in the Abeldane Empire. AT: What policies would you attempt to implement in Alexander to bring about that plan? What constitutes a "greater name" for Alexander in your opinion? The FM: By showing the advancements made in Alexander to the rest of the empire, of course starting with her framework of a constitution and then trying to build a uniquely Alexandrine identity. AT: What steps would you take to establish such an identity? What kind of culture would you hope to see created in Alexander under your leadership? The FM: Most of the state is right or centre-right - I see conservatism as a uniting factor among the people. JJudaeo-Christian values are very important to me as well as many other Alexandrines. Using these values I believe we can make a unique Alexander identity. AT: Do you feel you are more qualified than your opponent to serve as First Minister? The FM: My opponent is a great person with whom I deeply respect, what makes us different is I will bring a new pragmatism to the state as well as the fact that I am willing to do what is right and not worry about the personal consequences. For example, if one party fits better with my beliefs and the party I'm currently in doesn't fit them I'm not scared to step down and give my seat to someone who believes it's ideologies. I belave Alexander needs a leader who isn't scared to make hard choices. AT: Do you feel your recent resignation from the Reichsversammlung in unusual circumstances has damaged your electoral prospects? The FM: To be frank, I feel was a double-edged sword, I hope it conveys that I am willing to do something bold if I feel it's for the greater good. That being said I handled the situation incorrectly, I am willing to own up to my mistakes. I could no longer represent ANIP's interest; it would have been unfair to hold a seat while that was the situation. AT: Carrying forward your earlier point about turning Alexander into a democracy - what would a more democratic Alexander look like? As in, would there be more elections, would the size of the local legislature be expanded? The FM: The local government would be small and effective, for example, the First Minister would hold some responsibilities in governing quite like governor. AT: How does your pro-democracy view stand as regards the Grand Duke's decision to ban political parties in the state? The FM: I actually can see his reasoning, on a smaller level they are arbitrary. Our state is made up of three right- wing parties, they would just create unnecessary division; that being said I would rather the people decide on such an important issue in a referendum. AT: On the point of the First Minister being akin to a governor, what powers would the First Minister have under that framework? The FM: The day to day affairs of the state, the Grand Duke would be more a big picture figure dealing with the identity and moral direction of the state. AT: For clarity, what policies do you view as being “day to day”? The FM: For example maintaining order amongst the populous, holding referendums on state-wide acts. AT: I see. In closing, my final question would be this: if you had only one sentence with which to attempt to convince the Alexandrian people to vote for you, what would that sentence be? The FM: I am not afraid to make hard choices, I will make Alexander unique and I will work with anyone who is willing to work with me. The election will take place on the 7th of January, 2018. All Alexandrian citizens are eligible to vote. We also interviewed candidate Edward Daniels, and that interview can be read here.

28th December, 2017

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