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Abeldane Telegraph poll shows Alexander von

Hapsburg slated to win re-election as FM

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Alexander correspondent A poll drawn up by the Abeldane Telegraph shows First Minister Alexander von Hapsburg ahead by a margin of 50 points over insurgent independent candidate and Imperial Press Secretary Edward Daniels. The Daniels campaign, which has struggled to mobilise support since Grand Duke Max I endorsed his opponent a few days ago, is shown losing the election by a significant margin, likely due to the low population numbers - according to the Emperor, only four of the citizens of Alexander are in regular contact with the federal government. Michael Thomas Brazeau, former National Federalist deputy leader who resigned from the party recently, endorsed Daniels, citing a lack of knowledge of what the current First Minister stands for. The poll also showed that the population of Alexander largely back the decision of Grand Duke Max I to ban political parties, with 75% of respondents saying that the decision was a “good” one, with the other 25% merely saying they have “no opinion”. Those polled also disagreed with the Emperor’s decision to order the Alexandi state flag be changed, with the same margin of 75% to 25% - three quarters of respondents opposed, one quarter in support. This will likely prove comforting reading for the Grand Duke, who has been fighting an unsuccessful battle in the Abeldane Constitutional Convention to convince the Emperor and offiicals of the federal government to back down from their January deadline to hold a competition to alter the state flag. The election for First Minister will take place on January 7th, 2018.

3rd January, 2018

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