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Vorsitzender Artemis Langford: I may run

again in April

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent Former Vorsitzender Artemis Langford confirmed to the Abeldane Telegraph yesterday that she was considering taking a run for the Vorsitzendership in the next election cycle. Ms. Langford was originally the candidate running on behalf of the Abeldane Social Ecology party in the previous federal election - however, she withdrew her candidacy in light of the polls favour of former Vorsitzender Newton von Uberquie. Ms. Langford was not an elected Vorsitzender; she came to the post following her election as Stellvertreter in the von Uberquie administration, and succeeded to the post upon the resignation of Mr. von Uberquie partway through his term. In a statement to the Abeldane Telegraph, Ms. Langford said, as far as running for Vorsitzender in April, that she “would consider it”. She went on to say that she believed she had a fairly decent chance of winning, remarking that “I have a good chance, compared to the potential and currently stated candidates” based on her “experience in Abeldane politics [and the fact that she has]… the leadership skills needed to help represent the Empire and its citizens… i need to finish what I started,” in reference to her prior administration. If she were to run again in April, she would likely be facing former National Federalist Deputy Leader Michael Thomas Brazeau in the hustings, who has yet to confirm that he will be announcing a candidacy again. Horatio Eden, incumbent Attorney-General, has also expressed interest, but not confirmed he will be running. The Abeldane National Independence Party have not made a statement on the upcoming federal election.

28th December, 2017

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