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Biggest set of laws passed in history: What

actually got passed tonight?

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent The Reichsversammlung, the federal Abeldane legislature, tonight passed the biggest set of laws in Abeldane history, clocking in with nine bills being converted to legislation in one session, including Attorney General Horatio Eden’s landmark judicial powers bill. What was actually passed by the legislature tonight? Well, to answer that question, we consulted the Reichsversammlung agenda published by Speaker Brandon Wu and came up with this list. (This list does not include MP Max Pollack’s Guests of MPs Bill which failed.) Observership (in the Reichsversammlung) Bill This bill allows observers to attend sessions of the Reichsversammlung. There may only be seven observers at any one time. Regulation of Questions to the Vorsitzender (and Stellvertreter) Bill This bill obligates the Reichsversammlung to hold a session of Questions to the Vorsitzender at every planned session. If the Vorsitzender is not present, the Stellvertreter takes the questions instead. Parliamentary Defections (Resolution) Bill This bill attempts to resolve the issue of partisan defections - brought on by MP Alex Hapsburg resigning from the ANIP to join the NFP, after which the ANIP appointed someone else to his seat - by giving the parties that control seats in the Reichsversammlung power to reappoint seats held by defectors. Reichsversammlung Hansard Bill This bill requires the Reichsversammlung to appoint a Clerk responsible for recording transcripts of Reichsversammlung sessions and publishing them. Freedom of Information Bill This bill requires the various federal ministries to comply with freedom of information requests, except where it is in national security interests to refuse. Absentee Voting (in the Reichsversammlung) Bill This bill enables absent members of the Reichsversammlung to vote on legislation up to 24 hours after the vote on the bill has concluded, provided they have cleared their conflict with the Speaker in advance. Reichsversammlung Records Bill This bill mandates that the votes of all members of the Reichsversammlung be recorded and published. Ministry of Justice (Enumerated Powers) Bill This bill is too long to summarise here; we have written a separate article describing what it does. Lord Chancellor Bill This bill creates the office of Lord Chancellor, appointed by the Emperor, who is responsible for overseeing the day to day tasks of the Emperor and providing assistance in finding junior officers for the various federal ministries.

30th December, 2017

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