Like L'Sydunche but with news
The Reichsversammlung successfully enacted nine bills into law tonight, marking a record for most acts enacted by the Abeldane legislature in one session
The Emperor announced in a statement that the imperial government had successfully captured and exiled from the Abeldane Empire the person responsible for the election fraud last cycle
Former ASE Vorsitzender tells the Abeldane Telegraph that she would consider running to be elected to her original post
The United Rhinoceros Party and the National Federalist Party have withdrawn endorsement for their respective candidates in the Alexander executive election
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Following a dispute with his party, the National Federalists, former deputy leader Michael Brazeau has been given the heave-ho by the Abeldane legislature
The Vorsitzender confirmed his government has no plans to expand the size of the federal judiciary in response to a question from Supreme Justice David Ross
“Quality jorunalism” - Tarik Karjasari