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Vorsitzender: “no plans” to appoint Supreme

Court justices in near future

By Horatio Eden, political editor and justice correspondent Vorsitzender Thomas Merrell has announced, while in discussion with Supreme Justice David Ross, that there will be no additions to the Supreme Court in the near future. Following David Ross pointing out that there was only one of a possible seven Justices currently seated on the Supreme Court of Abelden, the Vorsitzender responded that he did not have “any plans currently to fill up the Supreme Court,” suggesting “it's become more an advisory body than anything else.” The case of Eden v. the Crown continues to lie in recess in the Supreme Court, a case which caused a great deal of consternation when then-Leader of the Opposition Horatio Eden challenged a decree by the Emperor that prevented citizens of the Abeldane Empire from holding more than a set number of micronational citizenships on constitutional grounds. Previous cases brought by Jurisfocal Law boss Kit McCarthy against various acts of legislation and executive power led the Emperor eventually to attempt to dissolve the Supreme Court as an institution. How the Eden v Crown case will pan out now that the plaintiff is the Attorney General (and therefore obliged to defend the government) remains to be seen. The government has not yet commented.

28th December, 2017

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