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In and out: the revolving door of the


By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent The makeup of the Reichsversammlung has been somewhat up to interpretation recently. The decision by MP Alex Hapsburg to defect from the Abeldane National Independence Party, and the more recent furore over Michael Brazeau’s recent activities, have led the Reichsversammlung through two separate internal crises in the span of the first few days of the Merrell administration. Here’s where the legislature stands right now: Who’s out? Alex von Hapsburg Alex von Hapsburg announced, not long after he was elected MP for the Abeldane National Independence Party, that he would be standing down from his party and crossing the aisle to join the National Federalists. This sparked a significant argument; specifically insofar as the ANIP was elected to his seat, rather than Mr. von Hapsburg himself. Ultimately, Mr. von Hapsburg was compelled to resign; the ANIP was allowed to reassign their seat to a different member of their party. Michael Thomas Brazeau The former deputy leader of the National Federalist Party has not had a good week; following his failed attempt to enforce an ethics investigation against the new incumbent of Mr. von Hapsburg’s seat, a seat he continues to contend was stolen from the National Federalists in an ANIP “power grab”, he announced his opposition to Vorsitzender Merrell’s administration and, consequently, his own party, who agreed to join the administration in coalition. The party stripped Brazeau of his parliamentary membership following his insistence that he would vote “with the opposition”. Who’s in? Alex von Hapsburg In a bizarre twist of fate, Alex von Hapsburg found himself back in the Reichsversammlung again. He was appointed by the National Federalist Party, following his defection, to take the seat of Michael Thomas Brazeau following his being removed from office. Bilal Irfan Following Alex von Hapsburg’s dismissal, the Abeldane National Independence Party appointed Bilal Irfan to take his place. Mr. Irfan was subsequently appointed Generalmememarschall by the Merrell administration. The Telegraph’s assessment of the Reichsversammlung’s makeup is correct as of the 28th of December, 2017.

28th December, 2017

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