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Grand Duchy of Alexander ordered to change

state flag by Emperor

By Horatio Eden, political editor and Alexander correspondent Emperor Stephen I has ordered the Grand Duchy of Alexander to change its state flag. The current flag - a red cross a la Scandinavia defacing a tricolor of blue, white and green - must be changed by January 2018, according to the Insturwappadel. Grand Duke Max I opposed the move, reacting to the declaration by the Insturwappadel with “Really? Come on,” and making public his hope that the Emperor would “discuss this with myself in private”. The Emperor was not swayed; he insisted that the state “hold a competition” to choose a new flag. The state has reluctantly agreed to the January 2018 deadline, and must before that time change its state flag. Former Grand Duke Michael Thomas Brazeau announced that he was putting together a design to represent the “rust belt” region of the state of Alexander, but did not clarify what he meant. In a statement to the Abeldane Telegraph. the Grand Duke of Alexander had this to say: The state government has not announced any formal plans to amend the flag yet, though has until January 2018 to comply with the Emperor’s request.

28th December, 2017

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“The Abelden federal government one time controlled Alexander. The RVS was the official legislature and could pass state law. However, during the few months of my term I have reformed Alexander and given us the autonomy over our own affairs allowed and needed. Every state has a flag. That was a flag most likely designed by the Emperor at the creation of the state. When Grand Duke Michael was on the throne, I went to him with a request to redesign the flag. I did do that with a draft of a flag that I believed to represent the original, without a seal. He approved it and it became the new flag of Alexander. The current flag is a flag that Alexander picked for its self after a change was requested by a citizen of Alexander. During my time on the throne no citizen has shown unhappiness with our flag. The Emperor decided that he personally did not like the flag, so he ordered me to change it by January of 2018. The Emperor's actions, even if legal, are immoral. This request takes away from the wishes of the people and put the decision on OUR symbols in the hands of the federal government. Not only that, but this time constraint allows very little discussion to take place on a very important national symbol.”
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