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Tarik Karjasary elected Heaminister of the

Essian Commonwealth

By Horatio Eden, international editor The Essian Democratic Party won a decisive victory moments ago, as Lord Henry of the Essian Commonwealth announced that Tarik Karjasary’s party had defeated Green contender Artemis Langford to win the Heaministership of his nation. The Democrats decisively stomped the Greens in both the election to the Heaministership itself and the Parlamenzalochas - the Essian legislature - winning 62.5% of the vote in both contests, or five votes to Langford and her party’s three. Heaminister-elect Karjasary gave a brief statement following the announcement of where the legislative chips had fallen, expressing his gratitude to “the Essian people, who have given me the mandate to spearhead the reforms necessary to make this nation go forward.” He also took the opportunity to express his “gratitude and utmost respect [to…] my contender, Ms. Langford”. The Heaminister-elect confirmed that in the coming days he would be forming a national unity party with the Greens, giving him a majority of the eight seats available. (The Democrats won four seats, and the Green party won two, meaning a coalition of the two groupings would lead to a majority government.) The other two independent seats are held by Lord Henry himself and Alex White, director of the Abeldane Intelligence Agency and member of the Reichsregierungskabinett in Abelden. Ms. Langford is reportedly amenable to forming a unity government with the Democratic party, and the results of intra-party negotiations will be known in the coming days. How the chips fell MPs elected: Tarik Karjasary (Heaminister-elect), Patrick Renwick, Brandon Wu, Richard Hytholoday (Democrats) Artemis Langford, Newton von Uberquie (Greens) Lord Henry I, Alex White (Independent) Total: 8/8

31st December, 2017

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