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So what actually is Decembergate,


By Horatio Eden, political editor and Reichsversammlung correspondent Much ado has taken place within the Abeldane Empire over the phenomenon of Decembergate - but what exactly is it? Decembergate is the term now used to refer to the original run of the December 2017 federal election, which elected Newton von Uberquie Vorsitzender of Abelden. Investigation confirmed that the election had fallen victim to fraud, and so the entire election was re-run, returning Thomas Merrell as the actual Vorsitzender. Reichswahlkomm investigators announced that eight votes had been illegally cast by Alenshka residents during the election and, as a result, the election was annulled by the Emperor and new polls ordered. Investigations into Decembergate were punctuated by fits and starts, and neither the Langford nor the following Merrell administration announced a suspect until now: Alenshka resident Anabel Dominica Fernandez, who used eight of the electoral numbers granted to her state to attempt to alter the election’s results. She has now been booted from the nation. With the suspect finally apprehended, the way is now open for the Abeldane people to move forward from the federal election. Will they? Hell if I know.

29th December, 2017

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